Denver Website Designs: Web Page Analytics Advantages

As computers continue to shrink in physical size and nearly everyone on the planet carries one in their pocket disguised as a cell phone, the access to information is astonishing. Being able to find facts, figures, and how-to videos at the push of a button is continuing to revolutionize business as it has over the past number of years. As a small business owner, gone are the days of needing a sizable marketing budget to reach a large number of people in hopes a few purchase something or utilize the services being offered. Today, all businesses can compete with larger corporations thanks to social media and the internet.

Despite the rise in social media options and interactions, every business needs a website. By creating and curating your own slice of the internet, it immediately gives a business credibility and serves as a catch-all for marketing efforts. While social channels may serve as active client acquisition, a website and its content, will truly benefit your bottom line. However, to ensure its working order, being able to analyze the data derived from visitors in order to make informed decisions can be critical to success.

User Data

By capturing user data business owners can learn an enormous amount about their consumers and create content geared at this target audience. Not only are specialized analytics able to track new and returning visitors to your site, but it can also reveal their location and often what devices are being used to access information - a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet. All of this can be analyzed to build a better site and marketing campaigns for success.

User Actions

In addition to general data, how the public is interacting with your website can also offer vital information. Tracking how long individuals remain on certain pages, what links are being clicked, which page is generating the most inbound traffic, bounce rate (those who visit a single page, but then move outside your website without interacting), and a number of other features reveals which pages and content are working for your site versus those that may need some assistance. 

Marketing Measurements

All of these features can also lead to results about which advertising efforts are generating the most traffic and how potential customers are finding your site. Through links, ads, articles, email, and social media posts, being able to know which avenues are working the best can help business owners keep from wasting time and more accurately execute an effective marketing strategy.

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