The Vision Local Media Platform

With a single login, our platform delivers simplified web design & editing, segmented and automated email marketing, social media updates, reputation management, site analytics, customer relationship management and a whole lot more.

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Web Design CMS, CRM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Review Requests & More

Vision Local Media is the parent company of Denver Website Designs. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars developing a solution that aggregates everything required for your company to be successful on the Internet. With Denver Website Designs' VLM Platform you'll accomplish them all. Explore just a few of our solutions included in your website solution below.

Web Design & Content Management (Web-CMS)

Our web-native, cloud-based CMS is like no other. Drag and drop from a library with dozens of styled "snips" to instantly create new, or add additional content to your website. You can do it or we'll do it for you, and because it's so efficient, we charge very little to do so. View hundreds of examples of Denver web designs here.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A centralized repository of clients and prospects is paramount to managing modern marketing as well as sales and customer service tasks. Increase revenue, retain and up-sell customers, and provide insights to management and more. Our CRM is simple to use yet incredibly powerful and integrates with your website, email marketing campaigns, as well as daily sales and customer service routines.

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Enhanced Email Marketing

Email marketing has, by far, the best ROI of all marketing endeavors. Further enhancing its
effectiveness is list segmentation, personalization, time of day sent, and more. A well thought-out campaign can deliver immediate results, particularly when combined with correlated landing pages and analytics used for remarketing with follow-up emails. Our platform delivers all of this and more thus yielding even greater ROI.

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Social Media Automation

No more logging into dozens of separate social media accounts or managing massive email lists in disparate systems. Update, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn, email groups and more with a single click. Do it for individual locations or corporate-wide with a single click.

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Reputation Management, Ratings & Reviews

Proactively requesting reviews and ratings drive SEO, trust, and ultimately, revenue. High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location or purchase again. We have solutions, that combined with our CRM, automate these processes with ease.

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Data Capture, Routing & CRM

Capture inquiries, comments, testimonials, ratings, resumes and more. Then route them to appropriate individuals either at the corporate level or locally, depending on the nature of the information. Individuals can login to see this information parsed by location, inquiry or ownership. You'll wonder how you ever managed it before.

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