Denver Website Designs: Five Digital Marketing Trends

Advances in technology seem to be improving daily with new features, informational access, and abilities to connect on a global scale all seemingly taking priority. To think that it wasn’t but approximately 30 years ago when cell phones began their meteoric rise to popularity can be a bit startling, but then to realize the first decade was simply about being able to connect outside the home while today everyone is essentially carrying around a tiny computer seems unreal. Contacts, calendars, pictures, videos, friends, family, work, play - it’s all inside the tiny device you’re probably reading this article from right now.

As the digitized world continues its expansion, so too must businesses - especially in marketing. Being able to generate consumers and clientele while establishing your brand is essential for all business types. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or brand new entity, maximizing current digital marketing trends is necessary in order to benefit, remain relevant, and boost your business.


Video has been rising in popularity across social media platforms for the past few years and is already poised to take over thanks in part to certain useful applications. Despite their prevalence, one common thread is expanding across all forms - length. Advertising is becoming shorter and more direct with marketers getting straight to the subject while finding ways to get their point across in just a few seconds, as opposed to the lengthy ads of old.


Tracking and data applications are being analyzed across a variety of different features helping companies target specific clientele. In addition, business owners are now privy to many data analysis opportunities helping drive their marketing and review which methods are working and those in need of a change.


Much of the previously discussed data acquisition can also be used to develop ads which will generate the best returns. Being able to track and develop these features can really help in targeting specific clients and customers to help drive your business.


Many individuals now consume the largest portion of their online presence via a cell phone or tablet. Businesses  must be versatile in their approach and ensure the messages being conveyed come across in accessible fashion through each of these different devices.


Finally, an approach that has withstood the test of time remains a popular choice in marketing concepts across the world. Keeping things simple is best when trying to convey your messaging and today is no different. Despite the changes in delivery and application, understanding the simplest messages, ideas, and concepts many times bring the best results remains essential.

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