How Blogs Help Your Business

When you think of blogs you usually think of a personal blog or a travel blog, but did you know a business blog is the 2nd most popular type of blog today? This comes as no surprise considering that nearly 4 billion people use the internet every day. Business blogs have become even more common in 2021 and it’s time that you get the low down on why they can be so important for your business.

Drive Traffic To Your Site

One of the most recognized advantages of having a blog for your business, services, and products is that blogs will help drive more people to check out your website. Don’t believe me? Say right now you have 10 pages on your website for customers to click through, but what if you added a new page every week or two? Posting blogs as an addition to your site will increase the amount of people that encounter your site. The more pages you have connected to your website the more you will appear in searches and the more likely potential customers will be led to your site. Not to mention, the more you update your website and produce new material, the more relevant your website will be to search engines. Your site will be recommended by search engines because your site is more active than competitors. 

Inbound Marketing

Now we know blogging can gain you more traffic to your site, so how do you get the most out of your blogs? Inbound marketing is all about catering to a target audience through content creation. You want to build lasting relationships with your customers, so you will need to target the niches that your consumers wish to know more about. Once your audience begins to interact with your blogs and your site you will be able to see what products and services are most popular for your business or that are currently in demand and utilize this knowledge to your advantage. Being able to see what your customers interact with most or may wish to know more about will create multiple new marketing targets for you to best serve your customers! By providing new insights and explanations to topics your customers are already interested in, you will gain their trust by being a reliable and knowledgeable source for information. Gaining consumer trust is a direct way to get more sales, so cater to the customer!

Content Promotion

Another benefit of adding blogs to your website is the added opportunity for promotion. You can use your blog to promote your newest products or your most popular services. Breakdown why this product will help the reader or use some of the positive reviews of your services to show prior satisfaction with your business from past customers. You can talk about many different topics in your business blog. A few examples include writing about the trusted ingredients or materials used to make your product, explaining how certain services will work and what to expect, how your services will make your customer’s life easier, potential health benefits, or future deals and promotions that will be happening on your site! Blogs are a great tool to promote your business and secure more web traffic to your website!


With the amount of competition and other businesses on the internet nowadays, it’s important to make your website stand out. Use search engine algorithms and SEO to your advantage! As we have discussed, adding blogs to your website adds more pages to both your site and to search engines that will connect consumers to you. Having more pages available on search engines that will lead consumers to your website can directly correlate to how many people will find you! Increasing the amount of traffic you are getting to your site will also increase the probability of someone buying a product or service from your site or reaching out to you with inquiries. The more exposure your website gets the better, so utilize your blog to gain the exposure you need!

Social Media

Every time you create a blog you are creating shareable content! Customers and yourself can share your blog to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, you name it! So not only do blogs increase visits to your own site through search engines, but they also can be shared to social media platforms to gain even more traction for your website and brand. If your company has its own social media accounts, there is also opportunity to gain more followers and thus more traffic to your page and website. Social media is very prevalent in today’s day and age so using it to your advantage can gain you a lot of exposure! Blogging not only keeps your website relevant on search engine platforms, but also will keep you relevant on social media platforms!

Inbound Links

Utilizing blogs to help promote your company and increase web traffic to your site will give you more leads for the future. Create a call to action at the end of every blog to encourage the reader to look around your site or find out more information. Using inbound links or backlinks can be very useful in this endeavor because you can add a link within your blog to another page on your website. This will help to keep the customer on your page for longer and increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you or reach out for more information. 

Many people look for recommendations for products and services through blogs so use this to your advantage! You are using your blog to make money! Pull out all the stops to market your business and you will see the results in your sales numbers and increased page visits. Denver Website Designs makes it easy for you to see what your customers are interacting with most so you can gear your attention to the right areas of your business and profit.  Use these tips and tricks to utilize the tools we have available to us in 2021 to promote your business. To add a blog to your website today, contact Denver Website Designs! We are here to help you every step of the way and make marketing your business a breeze!
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