Denver Digital Marketing Company Offers Tips for Designing Your Business Logo

September 30, 2021

Coming up with a logo is an important aspect of your business because your logo tells the visual story of your business. It’s the first thing customers will see when they look at your website or advertisement, and they will likely judge your logo before they decide to make a purchase decision. Your logo is an expression of your brand’s promise to its customers. As with any first impression, you don’t get a second chance.

Here are some tips from a Denver digital marketing company on what you should keep in mind when designing your business logo.

Tips to Creating a Great Logo for Your Business

Learn from the big brands. Some brands have such famous logos that you instantly recognize them without even seeing the brand name. Nike is a prime example of this. The Nike swoosh is recognizable all over the world. What makes it so effective? Its unique shape is different from anything else—and it is easy to recognize. Experts credit the Nike swoosh to the company’s continued success over the years. Other brand logos that likely contribute to company success include Apple, Federal Express, and Mercedes-Benz.

Avoid using clichés as part of your logo. This is one bit of advice that is easier said than done. Some company logos are blatant clichés—using a lightbulb to signify ideas or a lightning bolt to signify innovation—but you can be more creative than that. These types of symbols are overused. You want to figure out how your logo can communicate what your business is about--yet differentiate you from your competitors.

Keep things simple. If you look at the best branding out there, it’s simple. Simple equals timeless. Good branding should last for years—and it shouldn’t go out of style quickly. In addition to being simple, you also want something easily recognizable. 

Decide on what kind of emotion you wish to convey. Remember, your logo is going to be your company’s first impression to potential customers. Think about how you want people to feel when they first look at your logo. Do you want people to feel playful? Or do you want it to be all about business? The emotion you want to elicit will depend on whether you are a business marketing to consumers or other businesses. You can convey emotion with your logo with color, typography, and iconography to strike the ideal chord with your ideal customer.

Tell your brand’s story. Your brand’s story needs to align with your logo. If you start with your brand’s story, the logo design should work itself out organically.

Draw upon your employees for inspiration. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one—and more than two is even better. Brainstorm with your employees about design and taglines. This will help them feel engaged—and customers will see this and feel this.

Protect your brand from the future. The market, business, and technology will evolve, so consider this when coming up with your logo. Did you know that Best Buy was originally called Sound of Music because they sold only audio equipment? Other companies that have evolved include Apple Computers, which became Apple, and Dunkin’ Donuts, which became Dunkin’. 

Don’t be afraid to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes business is about spreadsheets and data, but other times it’s more about heart. When you decide on a name and logo for your business that feels right deep down in your gut, you'll know. Start with brainstorming the name for your company, then list a dozen words that are associated with your vision and your mission. Check out an online thesaurus to get ideas for other words. Next up, determine your ideal colors and font to help your logo take shape. 

Create a few different versions—and test them out before committing. Whether you do an informal or professional focus group, try to gather people who are part of your target audience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about why they prefer one over the other. Find out how the different designs make them feel. This kind of insight can help you improve your logo and company name before you launch.

Keep in mind the value of search engine optimization (SEO). A great company name and logo can help you stand out amidst your competition, and when you find the one that you feel is right, it’s tempting to just roll with it. But be sure to consider the SEO implications before you do so. Is your company name a common term? Are there other companies called the same thing? If you don’t have an original name, it can be more difficult for your company to obtain a good ranking on Google and other search engines. If you have an original name, this will make it easier to rank—and it will be one less issue for you to deal with in terms of building your brand.

Use the professionals to finish up—or if you hit a dead-end. Because this is such a crucial part of your business’s success, you shouldn’t be afraid to call in professionals when needed. If you can’t make a decision, or if you are stymied by the design process, the professionals can help move you to the next step. A graphic designer will be able to use their experience to help communicate your message to your target audience, creating a brand your customers can trust and that you feel represents your business the way you intended.

Contact a Denver Digital Marketing Company

If the process of developing a company logo is overwhelming, call the professionals at Denver Website Designs. We can work with you in coming up with an ideal logo for your company—and we can help beyond with other digital marketing services.  

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