Denver Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses Remain Competitive

August 30, 2021

Starting a business can be an extremely expensive and time-consuming task but also one of the most rewarding opportunities available. While the goal of any business is to make money, there are other ways to measure the overall success of a company but remaining competitive in the set market is always going to rank near the top. For small businesses, in particular, finding a way to compete against the larger corporations is something that many owners struggle with when first starting out. However, there are multiple ways in which these smaller organizations can compete and even take business away from the larger retail chains.

Thanks to the internet, many small businesses can now operate in entirely new markets and build a customer base wider than originally thought possible. Not only can they extend the reach of their marketing campaigns and customer acquisition limits, but they may also garner brand recognition and establish trust with their consumers. All of this helps to broaden the foundation of a quality company and level the playing field against larger entities with a similar concept. Starting a small business without a digital marketing plan is extremely difficult as this is the one area that will help grow your finances. There are multiple forms and figures to manage in just getting set up, but even when all of these components are complete, if you don’t have an idea of how to grow your company and establish a foundation in the market then the chance of success is greatly reduced.

Remember, all of these large corporations were once small businesses that flourished, were managed appropriately, or simply caught a break at just the right time. However, each at least had some form of a plan for growing their audience and ensuring that the public became well educated on exactly what they had to offer. A website and concrete digital marketing plan can be the first step in putting your small business on the path for sustained success with an ability to remain competitive thanks to the following characteristics.

Target Audience

As a business owner, knowing your target audience is an important aspect of success. However, there are some instances where an individual believes that one group of people may be more apt to participate as a consumer for their goods or services but finds that another group completely has more interest. In either case, being flexible and able to adjust to provide the best possible service to whoever is helping build your customer base is the best practice. Large retailers are going to have marketing campaigns that target all of their clientele but a small business can enjoy a similar amount of success when its reach is executed properly. Either way, establishing just who the target audience is and how to acquire their willingness to seek your business for their needs is the goal.


The advertising budget itself may not be equal to a retail giant but the same effect can be achieved with a small business concept. While you may not be able to shoot a multi-million dollar commercial which airs during the Super Bowl, establishing a quality online presence and having a website that generates traffic while informing the public of your products, goods, or services, can be just as effective. Outsourcing your digital design and content is also a great option that allows you to remain focused on the daily operations and provides you with a professional team solely dedicated to helping your company succeed. Blogs and recent industry news are also ways in which your site can remain relevant to consumers as you chip away at an established group of big brand customers and build your foundation.

Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is important for any business regardless of its size and something small businesses should focus on to compete against larger organizations. In many instances, small businesses can handle customer complaints quickly and efficiently without the hassle and hoops to jump through required by larger groups. Having an established online presence also allows for easier access and is a quality way in which your business can reach out to customers who have had an issue or simply inquire about their recent experience.

Social Media

Maybe the greatest equalizer and one which can be extremely cost-effective for small businesses is the capability to build a widely popular social media presence. Doing so will take time and effort, but once your business ascertains a large following it is likely to also increase sales. In addition, this is where smaller entities can make a large impact and balance the customer acquisition competitiveness of larger corporations. A quality and well-executed digital marketing plan coupled with a successful social media presence will have your business well on its way to becoming a household name.

Brand Recognition

All of the preceding helps to establish brand recognition among even the most casual follower. By building up your base and providing quality customer service, consumers will begin to associate your business with their specific needs. Then, whenever someone desires something that your company has to offer, it will be your site they search for first instead of simply dialing up an online version of that big box retail or service company.


Depending on the nature of your business it may be possible to extend beyond the local geographical market thanks to the internet. Instead of being bound to only those who can reach you personally within a certain mile radius, the ability to ship products and have consumers purchase from outside a city, county, or state is now a real possibility. Even for those businesses, such as restaurants, which are tied to a specific location, having a quality digital marketing campaign serves as advertising and could easily draw in patrons from outside the intended service area.


Small businesses can run personable promotions which can generate interest and establish options larger companies may provide but these are often ignored by the consumer. Similar to establishing quality customer service and an ability to interact with your customer base, these promotions may create peaks of interest during a period of downtime sales or as an effort to help boost a certain new or returning idea, product, or service.

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