Denver Marketing Company Describes the Importance of Brand and Marketing Consistency

June 2, 2021

Have you ever heard a song on the radio, seen an advertisement on TV, or drove past a billboard and immediately knew what company was being featured? This is a prime example of brand recognition. Brands with distinct brand and marketing consistency are easily recognized. Creating brand recognition through consistent advertising and promoting can save money, increase trust, and build your brand.

Consistency Builds Brand Awareness

Customers are more likely to purchase brands they recognize. So keep that in mind when creating your visual and digital content. Keeping it uniform—using the same color theme, photo quality, and logo placement—will inform your audience what it needs to look for. Post at similar times of day so people know when to look. The longer you do this, the easier it will be for customers to recognize your brand.

Consistency Builds Trust

Trust is an essential part of a relationship—and that includes the relationship between you and your customers. Being perceived as trustworthy is one of the most important aspects of a successful brand. Posting your content on social media at similar times, posting in the same place, and keeping messaging consistent will help build that trust for your brand.

Consistency Makes Your Business Memorable

Repetition is used widely in schools to help kids remember. It’s the reason tools such as flashcards, lists, and pneumonic devices work so well. The more people see, hear, or experience something, the more likely they will remember it. Keep this in mind when building your brand. Consistent and frequent messaging will help customers and potential customers remember your business. 

Consistency Can Help Boost Revenue

Most marketing experts attribute the average revenue increase to brand consistency, which can be a huge plus for your business’s bottom line. Forbes magazine agrees in this article: Why Consistency Is the Key to Successful Branding. The article explains that being consistent doesn’t mean unchangeable. Rather, being consistent provides businesses with a firm foundation, making it even easier for them to evolve and expand when necessary. 

Marketing experts will be the first to tell you that consumers prefer brands that are consistent in their messaging, logos, and marketing efforts. The best way to ensure that you are consistent with this is to create a set of brand guidelines that are to be used in all of your marketing and advertising efforts. You should have standards for everything from your social media voice to your brand colors to your logo.
Giving your customers a reliable experience every time they see your messaging, and ensuring your voice and tone are always consistent, will make them see your brand as reliable as well as memorable. This consistency is one of your keys to marketing success.

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