Denver Digital Marketing Strategy for Marketing Success

April 5, 2021

Every marketer wants every one of their marketing campaigns to be a success. Unfortunately, there are too many variables—regardless of how brilliant the idea or how clever the writing. What it often comes down to is developing habits to go along with the great marketing campaigns. This often requires a shift in mindset and doing things on a regular basis that you may not already be doing—and doing these things intentionally.

Here are some tips to creating greater marketing success by creating better habits.

Every Day Should Start With a Plan

As a marketing professional, you are likely busy—from the minute you hit your desk until you leave it at the end of the day. Your time is probably spent doing social media, promoting existing content, planning the next campaign, writing new articles and blogs, going to meetings, and reading out to customers. This is a lot to keep up with on a daily basis, which is why planning your day—as well as your week, month, and quarter—is so important. 

Technology can help you with this. You might want to use an online content calendar to schedule out your content writing, publishing, and promoting. There are other useful tools you can use to list out and schedule your tasks. This article by Shopify lists 12 time management apps to help keep you organized.

Stay Abreast of the Latest Developments Within Your Industry

If you want to create content that makes an impact, it’s crucial that you know what is going on in your industry. Here are some ways you can ensure that you always get the latest news:
  • Subscribe to industry-related blogs and publications—and be sure to read them regularly
  • Join online groups so you can communicate with other professionals in your field
  • Follow your industry’s influencers on social media
  • Be aware of what is trending on social media
  • Check in with multiple news sources
Staying on top of things in your industry will help you create better, more engaging content. Your followers will start to look to you as a source of information.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Although we regularly hear about how many of us are spending too much time on social media, when you are a marketer, you need to be on social media. It’s important that you stay in touch with your followers and reach out to them regularly. Some good habits to create include:
  • Check your social media accounts regularly to ensure you respond to any comments or questions from customers or clients
  • Deal with customer service issues—or pass them along to the appropriate person
  • Thank people if they share your content
  • Reach out to new followers
  • Visit your influencers’ social media sites and interact by liking, sharing, and commenting on their posts
Keep Your Competitors Close

You cannot be an effective marketer if you are not aware of what your competitors are doing. You need to visit their websites regularly to see what kind of updates they are posting. Check out their social media accounts to see what kind of engagement they are receiving. You might just learn something new about your own customers that hadn’t occurred to you. You will also quickly see if there is an area where you need to step up your efforts.

Create New Content All the Time

Creating new content regularly will help you stay relevant. It can be a challenge to come up with new ideas all the time, so you should take a look at your old content to figure out how to update and repurpose it. 

Quality is essential when it comes to content, so you should be asking yourself these questions about each piece of content:
  • What pain point am I solving for my audience?
  • What am I saying about this topic that is new?
  • Will this really interest my audience?
  • How can I make this piece of content shareable?
  • Does this support our branding efforts?
Coordinate Your Marketing Efforts With the Rest of Your Team

Since it’s likely that you are not working along, you need to ensure you coordinate your efforts with others. This can include fellow marketers, web designers, salespeople, marketing analysts, and even the financial people who might have an influence on your budget. When communication is not clear, this is when things can start to fall apart. Staying in touch with these people regularly can help to keep things on track.

Clean Up

Is your work area cluttered? Do you have stacks of papers and folders from marketing campaigns that were finished weeks ago? How about your computer and other devices? Is your email box cluttered and overdue for a purge? Just how much clutter is hanging around unnecessarily? 

Many people don’t give much thought to how this clutter can negatively impact their ability to organize properly and be productive. Make purging a regular activity. Do a major purge first, then take 15 minutes every day to eliminate both physical and virtual clutter. You’ll be amazed at how freeing this is!

Make Your New Habits Stick

The best way to make your new habits stick is to write them down or put them on your calendar. This will serve as a reminder and help you from backsliding. And don’t forget to leave time in your schedule for these new habits—even if it means you have to set your alarm just a bit earlier every morning. Your marketing success will be its own reward.

Learn More About a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

The experts at Denver Website Designs are here and ready to help with your digital marketing strategy whenever you want to take that step. With this team of marketing experts working alongside your team, they can help your Denver business—and businesses anywhere—create an effective marketing strategy to help your business stand out from its competitors. Find out more about how your new digital marketing strategy might work by giving them a call at 303-498-9000 to schedule an appointment!
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