Tips for Denver SEO Strategy Success

March 17, 2021

Every business knows that it’s important to have an online presence. But if you simply put up a website without focusing on SEO strategy for your Denver business, you will likely see a plateau in traffic. Your website should not be a static presence online; it should be evolving and changing with the times.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your SEO strategy.

Make Sure Users Have a Good Experience While On Your Site

If visitors come to your site then leave it immediately, this can start to have a detrimental impact on your ranking. But if visitors stay on your site because you have good quality content, this can help your site gain ranking—or stay high in ranking if it is already ranking well.

It’s a good idea to spend some time optimizing your content around medium tail keywords to get the most benefit in terms of search engine optimization.

You can improve user engagement by doing the following:
  • Make your content easy to read. Keep paragraphs short, use subheadings to break up the text, and add relevant images to make content easier to absorb.
  • Include relevant internal links on the page. When you use relevant internal links, you can answer questions your readers might have, which can help decrease bounce rates and send readers deeper into your site.
  • Include multiple ways for readers to absorb the content. You can do this by adding videos, infographics, tables, and
  • so forth. This will help keep readers more engaged.
Taking these steps will help ensure that the search engines view your pages as featuring high-quality content.

Update Your Best Content

Find the posts on your site that almost rank on the first page. (You can find this information in Google Analytics.) Give these posts an overhaul by adding details, statistics, images, quotes from contributors, and anything else you can think of to improve the content and make it more valuable to readers. Making the post longer tends to make it easier to add keywords in naturally.

As you rewrite the post, pay attention to connected subtopics, which you can see on Google search results in the “people also ask” section and in “related searches.” Do this regularly as part of your content audit. If you aren’t already doing a content audit of your site on a regular basis, you should start. 

Use Video to Your Advantage

A lot of people are still ignoring the potential of video marketing, which can be a huge source of website traffic. Video is great for engaging with people—and excellent for SEO. People like video and they are more likely to watch an entire one-minute video than they are to read a 300-word blog post. Experts predict that video is going to continue to be crucial for SEO.

Be sure to optimize your video content. Update titles and descriptions of older videos to ensure they are searchable and relevant.

Get Rid of Puff Pieces on Your Blog

Instead of keeping up blog posts that have little substance and too few words, get rid of them—or rewrite them and provide value that makes them truly engaging and interesting. The goal of any content strategy is to create comprehensive, authoritative content that is evergreen. Google is looking for long-form posts that go in-depth on a topic because they provide the best result for the person who is doing the search. Long-form content should have at least 2,000 words and should incorporate keywords on the post’s topic.

Optimize for Voice Search

With more and more people searching for information online through their mobile devices, many are using voice search. Many also do their searches with Alexa or Siri.  Some experts say that more than half of all users are using voice search. Voice search first started becoming important in 2018, and it will continue to be an essential part of SEO strategy as voice search technology becomes more accessible. Be sure you rank for both questions and answers. Since most voice searches are local, if your business is tied to a specific geographic area, this is crucial.

Focus on Ranking for Featured Snippets

Most people are familiar with the featured snippet on a search page. These are the results that show up on search pages after the ads but before the ranked results. They are usually in a box and often include an image, video, or table to make them stand out. They are designed to take clicks away from even the most highly ranked results. 
If you are trying to rank for questions, use paragraph form for a featured snippet. Use a list format if you are trying to rank for a preposition such as “for,” “to,” or “like.” Use a table format for pricing comparisons.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your content optimized for these:
  • Use headers that can be easily scanned
  • Keep content clear and concise
  • Ensure your content can be viewed on all devices
  • Use good external resources
Concentrate on Your Mobile Site

According to Google, the mobile version of your site is now considered the primary version. If you don’t have a mobile site, your desktop site will be used when someone looks up your site from their phone, but chances are, this will not provide users with a good experience. Rather than try to view a site that is not designed to be viewed from their phone, chances are they will simply bounce to another site.

Learn More About Creating an Effective Denver SEO Strategy

Do you want to set your business apart from your competitors by creating an effective SEO strategy—but you are not sure where to start?  Give us a call! The experts at Denver Website Designs are here and ready to help with your digital marketing campaign whenever you are ready. With this team of experts working alongside your team, they can help your Denver business—and businesses anywhere—create an effective SEO strategy. Find out more about how your new digital marketing strategy might work by giving them a call at 303-498-9000 to schedule an appointment!
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