Denver SEO Firm On Why Blogging Is Important to Your Website Ranking

February 4, 2021

Bill Gates said it way back in 1996: “Content is king.” And this continues to be true in 2021. Since content is so important, your website should have a blog if you want to improve your website ranking. Here’s why Denver SEO firm Omnia Marketing Systems recommends a blog for your website—and your search engine optimization (SEO).

A Blog Keeps Your Website Current

When you’ve stumbled across a website that clearly hasn’t been updated for years, you likely lost trust in that brand immediately. Perhaps the company isn’t even in business any longer. In addition, search engines don’t want to provide searchers with outdated information. Websites that are updated regularly with fresh content are more likely to be indexed by search engines. Since you probably don’t have a reason to update your homepage all that frequently, a blog provides you with the opportunity to update your site regularly.

A Blog Encourages People to Stay on Your Website Longer

A search engine’s main priority is to provide searchers with the information they will find valuable. If someone clicks on a site that comes up in a search, then immediately leaves that site, it tells the search engine that the site wasn’t very valuable. But if they click on a site and stay for a while—such as while reading a blog post—this sends the search engine a very different message. The length of time someone stays on a website helps contribute to that site’s value.

A Blog Provides Opportunities for Internal Linking

If you do not include internal links on your website that point visitors to other places on your site, you are making a big SEO mistake. Although you can certainly direct visitors to other pages on your site from your main pages, blogging opens up even more opportunities. 

A Blog Enables You to Target Long-Tail Keywords

It would be nice if your business could rank number one for the most relevant keywords, but there is a lot of competition. For example, if you sell running shoes, in an ideal world, you would rank at the top whenever someone types “running shoes” into a search engine. But the reality is that there will be thousands of results for that search, and unless you are the biggest retailer of running shoes, you will rank nowhere near the top.

The best bet for most brands is to look for longer, more specific keywords and target those. These are called “long-tail keywords,” and they are crucial for any business’s keyword strategy. An example of a long-tail keyword for our example would be “best running shoes for wide feet.” Find out more about long-tail keywords in this article from Search Engine Journal.

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