Denver Website Design Company Gives You a Website Redesign Checklist for the New Year

November 12, 2020

As we head toward the end of the year, you might be planning goals for your business in the new year. If it’s time for your website to get a facelift, our Denver website design company has a list of suggestions on what you consider.

Start With the First Steps in Planning a Website Redesign

The first thing you should do is have an audit of your current site. Take a look at your site as impartially as possible, addressing the following areas:
  • Decide on your goals for your business in the upcoming year. Do you want more traffic? Higher conversion rates? An increase in profits? The answers to those questions will help you determine what you should focus on most in your website redesign.
  • Review the Google Analytics of your site to find out what areas of your site are performing well and which are not. Your redesign should focus on those areas that need improvement.
  • Assess whether or not your website’s aesthetic is contributing to a positive user experience. If it’s not, decide on ways to change that.
  • Examine the security of your website.
  • Consider the technical aspects of your site, including the plugins you are using.
  • Take a look at the links on your site.
Tackle Design Next

If you are rebranding your business while you are redesigning your website, your refreshed site will reflect a new logo, new colors, and new content. Make sure your new site incorporates website design best practices; this includes plenty of white space throughout and calls to action above the “fold.”

Take some time to make a site map of your updated site. The architecture of your site and the ease with which visitors can navigate the site are crucial. 

Do Your Research

Before you get started, take some time to research your competitors. Find out what their websites look like and what kinds of things they are doing. If your most successful competitor posts new blogs twice a week and has an online store, these are items you should consider putting into your updated site.

Do some research on keywords—especially long-tail keywords. You will have a better chance of ranking higher for these.

Make sure your site will have plenty of evergreen content. Evergreen content stays fresh—regardless of the date on the calendar.

Be sure to take advantage of the latest technology. If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your site, you could incorporate adding a chatbot for customer service or incorporating a plugin that lets visitors leave you a review.

Call a Denver Website Design Company

Your website is one of the most crucial marketing tools for your business, and if you are planning a redesign, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Trust the experts at Omnia Marketing to ensure that your company’s website attracts visitors and creates a user-friendly experience. Not everyone is a website design expert—and you don’t have to be. Focus on your business—and let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to your website design. Contact Omnia Marketing today to begin the process of designing your best website. 
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