Denver Digital Marketing Strategy: Contact Details

October 23, 2020

Technology continues to advance daily as new and improved ideas and methods for communication are readily being developed. These characteristics make transferring and gathering information one of the easiest tasks available, although deciphering between facts and misinformation can sometimes be a little troublesome. Despite this difficulty, there is no question that maintaining some type of presence in the online world has become commonplace for both individuals and businesses alike. It is here where advertising and growing a customer base has blossomed in recent years. With an abundance of options available to consumers, creating a digital marketing campaign in order to secure a prominent footprint on the world wide web and in the land of social media is extremely important.

Being engaging and active on the social media circuit has multiple advantages and can assist in driving business, but never underestimate the importance of having a general landing spot for those who wish to find out more about your business. Websites are vital for small business especially and utilizing the appropriate parameters to drive traffic toward your site will not only boost your bottom line but also help to compete against larger corporations. There are a number of different factors which combine in order to make your specific page rank among the masses, but it is not only these keys which must be properly maintained, regular updates and one area in particular can make all of the difference in the world - contact information.


The nature of your business will determine precisely who should be included on the contact page of your website. While some organizations elect to include specific employees and perhaps phone numbers or extensions, others will simply provide some general information about their business and a contact form. Both can be useful for consumers, in addition to other pertinent information which should also be a part of the contact page. 


Typically there are two different approaches to the contact information page on your website. One school of thought is to provide information where consumers can reach people within the organization either by phone or email and the other is to provide a form which can be completed and then will be delivered to your company. Both approaches have benefits and only a few drawbacks but determining which is more suitable for your business is a decision for you to make.

Providing contact information allows for consumers to not only find basic information about your company such as location, times of operation, and perhaps a list of some pivotal employees or at least a general contact phone number but also feel they have a way to communicate should any issues arise. Opposite, the contact information form gives individuals direct contact with your company without having to reveal specific phone numbers or exact operating hours. With the form, technically you are accessible 24/7 without delay - although consumers will be left to wait until a response is issued following form reception.


Getting your contact information page available as quickly as possible should be made a priority. While there is no wrong time to add this to your current website, the quicker it becomes available for public consumption the better. Not only does it provide vital information for consumers but it also displays a commitment to open communication and ability to interact with those who will help to grow your business.


While a homepage is arguably the most important part of any businesses website, it is here where easy navigation should ensue. Usually there are other helpful pages of information with tabs here for people to click through in order to gather whatever information it is that they are after. One of these should definitely be the contact information and it should be made apparent for anyone visiting the site. In fact, some choose to design their page with certain logistical information displayed prominently on the first page and then replicated on a contact slide - such as location address and any prime phone numbers for contact purposes.


Having a successful website for your business can make all the difference - especially in this day and age. As the world continues to transform from an abundance of brick and mortar stores to more online business, not only is it important in order to provide consumers with an opportunity to place orders or examine your specific offerings, but it also is vital to advertising and promoting your brand. Social media may act as the arms to reach out, make initial contacts, and potentially generate interest but a website is the heart of a company. It is here where all primary action takes place and contact information should definitely be a part of this process.

Not only does it give consumers important information but any business will benefit from creating a positive customer, client and business relationship. Customer service is critical to success and giving individuals an opportunity to effectively and efficiently interact with your company only serves to promote and build this type of relationship.


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