Denver Digital Marketing Boosts CRM Techniques

The one thing responsible for driving any business is the customer. Even though your specific industry may not focus specifically on face-to-face interaction with the general public, producing a product for consumption, or relying on storefront sales to window shoppers - customer acquisition and the ability to convert these maneuvers into sales is critical to success. For those businesses which operate in a different capacity, there are still “customers” and areas where the same principles utilized in brick and mortar stores can be applied in an effort to improve the overall impact of your operation. Understanding these concepts and being able to adapt and apply the specifics of their application can have lasting effects on the bottom line of your company and help to continue building on the foundation which has been established for the success of your business.

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management focuses on the critical components related to a myriad of factors and how these exchanges are handled and built upon, from the initial interaction through a completed sale and even longer to establish a solid foundation of clientele and customers. While customer service is important, there are multiple other factors which must also be addressed in order to establish a well rounded CRM system. The relationship between employees or those responsible for representing your company and the client is always important, but understanding that the complete package extends beyond simply the exchange and connecting of these two individuals, but through customer acquisition and into the future. 

Following are some of the key concepts related to CRM and how a diverse and in-depth plan can have a lasting impact on your company.


Technology has greatly enhanced the ability and broadened the reach of a successful CRM program. In the past, customer service was at the forefront of a quality connection and while there may have been some lingering results of a positive exchange, in terms of future customer acquisition, the ability to trace these impacts and have data to show exactly what is taking place was non-existent. Essentially, businesses relied on “word of mouth” advertising based on quality service and customers who were pleased in order to continually grow their business. Now, computers can not only track and help to acquire potential clients but they can also display just how broad your reach is, in addition the impacts of your current CRM system and where modifications can be made in order to take your business to the next level.


These management techniques include being able to monitor relationships from their inception to completion for all interactions potential customers have with your company. While this is obviously important for customer service - the entire business benefits from these management techniques. Sales, Marketing, and other areas can also utilize the data compiled and use this information to develop and adapt their plans for a more optimal performance. Keeping track of your customers, their initial order, returning orders, purchase dates, time between orders, if they are purchasing the same item, related services, or something entirely different - can all be useful material for every group within a company.


Two of the main tools that may be used for gathering this information are forms and computer programs. Specific programs are designed to help streamline the processes associated with tracking the CRM program but gaining the useful information from potential clients and customers is also extremely important. Digital forms, located either at the point of sale or online, can be extremely beneficial for making a key connection with your clientele. Having those interested in what your business offers voluntarily relay their wishes and other helpful clues about how to garner their business can be really helpful in developing marketing campaigns and making adjustments to your business strategy in order to get the most benefit out of your company and its workers.

Social Media

Social Media is another relatively new strategy concept for those implementing their CRM content. As the increases in technology keep relatively everyone connected across multiple platforms, using these measures to garner potential customers and interact with your client base can be one of the most influential measures to not only building your brand but also keeping customers satisfied and engaged with your company. Not only are individuals able to monitor the general public’s response to your decisions but social media also allows you to have one-on-one contact with your customers with the rest of the world watching. In the past, these positive interactions may have been shared between only a handful of people and then spread to a few more about their positive experience, but now building your follower base allows these same types of interactions to be broadcast around the world at the push of a button.


The benefits of an effective CRM program not only help to boost a company’s bottom line but it also can project exactly what measures will be impactful at adding new clients and customers. Being able to track these movements and see what advertising campaigns are working to drive business, in addition to the ability of interacting with consumers while answering any of their questions - in front of a global audience - are all positive measures which exist in today’s world. Having a dedicated program to boost your reach, coupled with scientific data and a tracking method to adjust accordingly are all positive impacts of a well run CRM system.

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