Denver Digital Marketing: Website Analytics to Watch

Word of mouth advertising has always possessed an important aspect in driving business simply because most people who are interacting share some type of common relationship. From family, friends, acquaintances or even individuals in search of the same service or product - people have always been willing to share their opinion on various items and the care they receive. These impressions often lead others to either seek the same services for similar needs or completely avoid a particular company due to another’s less than optimal experience.

Today, the same type of marketing exists but with the rise of the internet, social media, and constant communication, not only can consumers share their experiences with relatives but the entire world. These opinions, whether arrived at with all of the facts or not, have the potential to make or break a company. With over 4 billion internet users across the globe and millions in North America, ensuring your small business or company has a strong digital footprint is not only important - it’s mandatory.

Targeting your specific audience and being able to reign in potential consumers from this large pool of opportunity takes a plan. For many, outsourcing these initiatives is the best option so those who are responsible for the product, service, or company can continue to develop their business and simply reap the benefits of a well executed digital marketing campaign. However, understanding a few simple analytics will not only aid in deciphering any received reports but also prove the worth of delegating such an important part of the business.

Sessions - New and Returning

As the centerpiece for your online presence, a web page is the home base for all things internet related. While there are still plenty of benefits of operating on social media, having an established corner of the internet specifically dedicated to your business is critical. Sessions are used to measure the number of visitors who reach this point within a specific timeframe. While there are a number of other factors to be evaluated, these visits show how many times someone lands on your site. 

In addition, these figures can often be broken down into both new and returning clientele based on certain measures. By properly analyzing these two differences, not only can an owner establish if their content is bringing people back to the site but how well advertising is working to draw new potential clients in order to make them aware of what is being offered.


No owner wants to find out their website traffic is dropping because this could lead to a decline in production. However, establishing precisely what the numbers are and how they are impacted by changes on the site is an important concept to follow. Typically broken down into various channels, which display how an individual arrives at your page, these factors also assist in ensuring that your digital footprint and marketing campaigns are running efficiently. From search engines, to back links on other pages, and even those directly typing in your specific web address - knowing and understanding where your audience comes from is beneficial. 

Bounce Rate

Think of bounce rate as the ability to keep someone engaged on your content. Measuring the number of people who simply arrive on your site but then leave without going further, this can indicate a lack of interest or design. It is also a measure which can help to further understand the patterns of other numbers. Paid advertising via search engines may help to increase both traffic and session numbers but if the results are also a high bounce rate, then the content once they arrive isn’t keeping them entertained. 


Conversions are a key figure on any website, measuring the number of true interactions. Leaving a comment or product review, filling out a survey, purchasing an item, scheduling a service, signing up for a newsletter or to receive emails - these are all measured conversions for your website. In addition, many of these items can also be stored elsewhere with links on the homepage, ensuring that other analytics are increasing with merit. Creating an interactive and engaging site is important because if conversions are down, it is likely sales will follow.

Page Views

Consider these as a slide show counter. For every page an individual lands on within your site, the number increases. By analyzing these figures owners can see exactly which portions of the site are receiving the most traffic and where consumers are spending the majority of their time. A spike in certain areas could display a tendency for one product to be outperforming another, which offerings are drawing the most interest, or what customers would like to see more of in the future.


Another metric to keep an eye on displays how individuals are accessing your page. While this may seem trivial or unrelated at first thought, a deeper analysis can reveal potential areas for improvement. As technology continues to advance, many people are accessing more information via a mobile device, however, typically the content portrayed on a cell phone screen is different from what can be discovered using a desktop computer. For this reason, if one of the numbers is skewed in comparison with the other, then perhaps the lower device’s content could benefit from more development to ensure that users are receiving the same experience no matter how they access your information.

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