Denver Digital Marketing: Relevant Interaction Provides Success

November 28, 2018

When the internet and social media was first starting to make an impact, all anyone had to do was continually provide relevant information or a service which couldn’t be duplicated and almost instantly their site, business, or platform became a success. There were few players in the field and those who benefited from an early foothold in the industry got out to a head start above other players in their field. Now, internet access is abundant and almost anyone can operate a website to put their information out for anyone to locate and want to become connected with their business or practice. The difference is being able to set your company apart from the countless others now available and finding a specific focus for your industry to ensure that you are continually attracting customers and creating new business. A key way to make certain this occurs is by understanding the relevance behind posting, SEO, social media and other relevant information such as email or lists.

By providing these marketing tools at a high level you can establish a business practice that outworks the competition and places your particular industry at the forefront in the mind of consumers. In a busy world, making certain that your services are attainable to those in need is critical as many potential clients now look to the internet for their needs to be met.

For example, before the technology boom people often relied on word of mouth to portray their services. Someone would have some type of work completed and then a neighbor, family member, friend, or acquaintance would need something similar done and they would pass along a name and contact information. If the individual was trustworthy then contact was likely made and the service completed. Now that business has a host of potential future business by creating a track record of dependable and reliable service within a certain area. Often, depending on the particular service type, there may not even be a need for physical advertising because people helped spread the word of a job well done.

Today, this is far from the case. Imagine a water line breaks inside your home. A terrible situation that requires the services of a professional plumber. Once the water is turned off, the person in need then pulls up a search engine on their phone, types in “plumber” and 20-plus individuals and companies pop up complete with locations and contact information. A few potential clients may do a little research on which one to select but often in the case of such an emergency, the first one is selected in order to quickly resolve the issue.

Ensure that your company and business are present and capable of being considered by maximizing the efforts of the aforementioned posts, SEO, social media, and email.


There are multiple benefits of blogging on your website which help to create visitors and increase traffic. The more people you can get to click on your site and explore the services available to them, the more business you can produce. However, the posts must be strategically implemented in addition to providing a series of relevant topics and information of use to a potential client.

Not only can a blog provide important and up to the date information in your particular field, which engages readers and lets potential customers know you are informed, but it also helps to create a personal touch behind your company. Too many times there are service industries and other small businesses out there that people do not share any type of connection with. Gone are the times where there was a personal attribute associated with doing business - which was extremely beneficial, especially in creating return clients - but this personal touch available for everyone to read and interact with is a modern day version of a similar aspect.

SEO (search engine optimization)

For any given search there are often countless results. Using the prior scenario, if looking for a plumber and typing it into a search engine the results are bound to be plentiful but the outcome isn’t sorted by quality, service, or dependability - it is instead managed by SEO components and complex algorithms. 

While your business may be at the top of the line in terms of these factors which count towards a quality product, ensuring the world wide web reflects a similar practice is a bit more complicated. Generating a useful SEO guide and search authority will help to bring customers to your site and put your name in front of potential clients.

Social Media

Another component which can influence people in regards to virtually any subject is social media. New apps come along almost daily but the core components require a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three allow you to reach a wide audience in seconds based on whatever the need is for the day. 

By constantly posting relevant information and addressing areas associated with your small business, people will begin to recognize you as a significant player in the field. Social media is the new “word of mouth” marketing tool as people can share their stories instantly and with hundreds or thousands of people within seconds. 

This one also requires a bit of care and consideration too as relaying information through a screen can sometimes be difficult to ascertain the tone of whatever is being established and also provides a platform for unhappy customers - which can, in turn, be an advantage if managed properly.


A seemingly archaic method of communication now that messenger apps exist, email is not going away anytime soon. Just as business still receive some benefit from regular mail advertising and fliers, reaching potential customers through their electronic inbox can be just as effective.

Especially in terms of advertising sales, discounts, or limited time offers, email puts the information directly into the hands of your consumers. Unlike social media posts which may get lost in the shuffle - creating email lists and putting out information on a routine basis can help to generate new clients as well as bring existing customers back to your site or business.

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