Denver Digital Marketing: Building Your Brand Across Social Media

Most everyone across the United States has some ties to social media. Yes, there are some who refrain from its use and curse the small screens that most everyone is linked to daily but these individuals are few and far between. Even those who take intermittent “breaks” from their social media platforms often revert back to keep up with what is happening around their world and with the things that they find important. Being able to personalize the type of information you receive has been one of the key factors in the recent boom of social media across the nation.

Instead of being tied down to the 6 o’clock news for relevant information or catching up with the morning paper about more local happenings, social media platforms have given individuals access for up to the minute information, some as it occurs in real time, and a method by which to share advertising and other influences instantly with hundreds or thousands of people when necessary.

The big three - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - all have unique designs and functionality while offering a vast audience. Deciding to take your business into the social media market can be an important step in the development process and one that can open a seemingly endless realm of possibilities for building your company. Fortunately, there are proven factors which can aid in this process. A quick review of many companies across all social media platforms will reveal that often businesses have thousands of followers and while some may be linked to a big budget or individuals whose sole responsibility is to build their brand in this method, there are still common factors which can assist any size organization and help even those who have just begun the climb to these new heights.

Following is a look at a few tendencies which will help you build your brand across the social media markets and get your information out to the people who matter most - consumers.

Consistency Is Key

Utilizing different forms of social media allows you to reach a larger audience as people often prefer one over the other and the use of each on a different level. Maintaining a common theme and business or brand representation across each means getting the relevant information available out across each method individually and proportionally to the largest market available.

Not only is commonality of theme across each platform important but the consistency by which you post relevant information is also vital to building up your brand representation and follower count. By regularly providing appropriate content and maintaining consistent branding across social media platforms, you can assure consumers that you are present and ready to assist or advertise at any moment's notice. Followers also learn that they can count on getting some type of information regarding the products or services in a timely manner instead of being left for days, weeks, or months without any new posts.

Target Audience

Understanding your business or brand begins with knowing the target audience to which it is aimed. By identifying the subgroup of people to which you hope in getting response from associated with your advertising, then you can aim the consistently provided content in the correct direction. 

Obviously, these targets may shift over time or grow - which is the goal, meaning that a broader approach may be needed in time. But first, target specifically those individuals who will make up the core group of consumers for what you are advertising and then watch as your posts and information grows as it is being received and shared by these individuals. 

A Lighter Side

Humor can go a long way in helping people to relate with a product or your services. By showing a human component to your advertising and posts, people will relate more with the services instead of simply associating your marketing strategy with another computer generated regurgitation of information.

Humor in your marketing, when used appropriately, can add a significant amount of impact to your brand or business and allow you to separate from many also attempting to do the same thing. This personal touch allows for a better connection across social media platforms and can drive engagement.

Be Social

Along those same lines is the attempt to be social. It’s called social media for a reason but often businesses forget that the social component is critical and will instead fall into the trap of simply advertising or putting out information without engaging the target audience or people who may interact with you.

A failure to actually be social on the social media platforms can be a pivotal downfall whereas the ability to interact with your followers can drive up the number of influences you have across each of the different media platforms. 

Don’t just put out advertising information but connect with your fan base and followers by interacting as much as possible on a regular basis.

Data Use

Finally, data use across each of the individual platforms can allow you to have a better reach by engaging with people at the right times and seeing what type of content is receiving the most interaction.

Increasing the amount of posts generated that people are associating with your brand and getting the word out to other new followers is critical in building a strong presence on the extremely populated field of social media.

By utilizing this data and conducting reviews of your own information, similar to this quick and easy Facebook audit, a business owner can ensure they are getting the most out of their social media networking capabilities to maximize their business performance.

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