Denver Business Web Design Trends

June 10, 2020

Ever since the internet was first invented, the trend toward more of an online presence has been barreling forward and gaining momentum. From individuals now paying bills, receiving mail, and keeping up with friends and family to businesses advertising, while completing sales and shipping - the online world has displayed exponential growth. As 2020 continues, this same trend is being pushed into overdrive as a global pandemic forces many companies, municipalities, and schools to continue working from home. Expanding the online capabilities of different organizations, especially businesses attempting to continue generating cash flow during these trying times, an online marketing and social media presence is seemingly more important now than ever.

As businesses seek to receive the benefits of online marketing, there are some major new trends which are setting the standard for web design in the future. Setting yourself apart is important, but the benefits of strong search engine optimization (SEO) are also relevant to keep new clients and customers finding your site. Establishing a loyal fan base can be difficult but with a strong social media presence, relevant online marketing, and the incorporation of these leading trends can aid in helping to keep your business moving forward.

While a complete branding overhaul isn’t necessary, especially if you have already instituted some recognition within your market, the utilization of these themes can help take your business website to the next level. 

Information is readily available for almost anyone at the push of a button. As public consumption for gathering the details of a product, good, or service continues to trend toward needing immediate feedback, the likelihood of deeply researching something lessens. This is where short, quality videos, either demonstrating a product or promoting a sale can be extremely beneficial. Background videos on a homepage can also play an important role in providing a quick glimpse into exactly what your business is offering or help draw them in to continue the needed research on your company.

3D Images
Simple clip-art and generic images are quickly becoming a thing of the past. While there are still instances where these can serve a viable purpose, the current shift is toward more futuristic looking graphics and 3D images.

A long standing design staple, grids are not going anywhere in terms of web design. Orchestrating the layout of information across a page is extremely important and grids can help to ensure that spacing and the content created looks appropriate on each and every medium. Creating something that will easily transition or at least be accessible from a computer monitor, laptop screen, tablet, or phone is not only efficient but extremely user friendly. 

Bold Print
Using bold print has always highlighted a specific word or phrase but not this concept is spreading to entire statements and paragraphs. Depending on what is being said - whether it be a company slogan, name, or product - the implementation of a bold print can help to draw attention to the details. Not only will this catch someone’s eye, but it also puts the focus on a particular point in the page which can help owners navigate customers through their website experience.

Dark Design
In a shift from light backgrounds with dark text, darker designs and specifically, dark mode, is a 2020 design trend. Not only does this theme make the information appear more bold and blazen, but it can also help to engage users for longer time periods. With the darker background and white or light colored text, those who are interacting with the page can focus longer while navigating your content and learning about your business’s offerings.

In a shift from incorporating a lot of information, details, links, and ads on your page, the new trend is to take a minimalistic approach. A simplistic approach can not only help to make your site easy to navigate but the few words, phrases, or links which are offered can be offset with bold text and perhaps a video background. Combining many of these new trends can aid in your presentation and it seems like now more than ever - less is more.

As information transcends devices and platforms - phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and social media apps - the ability to access your specific website in a relatively similar fashion should also be prevalent. Using these effective coding and links can also make your business more friendly to consumers across the board.

Voice Recognition
Another attempt for creating a user friendly concept and trend toward ‘quicker access’, is the implementation of voice recognition technology - especially on a phone platform. This keeps users handsfree while searching your site for different areas of interest.

In addition to the shift from generic art images, the use of actual photography is growing in popularity and effectiveness. By displaying actual images of products or work experiences, potential clients can get a first-hand account of what to expect from your business.

Smart programming or the use of someone monitoring all sites can help to make your website even more user friendly. By either having a live person or program respond to specific inquiries via an available portal, consumers can have their questions answered almost immediately and then proceed to either buy or schedule a product or service without ever having to leave your page or submit any forms.

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