Denver Digital Marketing and Website Design Trends Beyond 2016

August 5, 2016

Over the years, website design has seen big changes in terms of styles for presenting just about anything you can imagine. Website design is a challenging industry that holds many possibilities for continuous growth and change. Developing a website is about pushing the limits of the imagination to a whole new level – each time. It is an ever-evolving industry, in which it is necessary to stay up to date regarding the new trends. At Denver Website Design, we want to make sure you are aware of the many emerging website design trends that can innovate your website and your Denver SEO, making it distinctive among the throngs of websites out there.

Split-screen layout
This trend splits the website vertically into two or more parts. This design layout works well for companies that have more than one product or service that they wish to highlight. Split-screen design enables you to give equal importance to both/all items and makes it easy for users to select them. Of course, this design is not suitable for every company website, but it is very popular among web designers and businesses. Exterior Guru, LLC is an excellent example of a split-screen layout.

Parallax scrolling
This design effect has become one of the hottest trends in website design around the world. Parallax scrolling creates an impressive user experience by incorporating multiple backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds, create an intriguing 3D effect. This results in an exciting user experience. Rimmel London uses this technique to great advantage.
Long page scrolling and navigation
Single-page long scrolling web pages are a trending web design style that has gained maximum likes from website designers, developers, and visitors to those sites. You can see a great example when you visit a site like ActiveCore, which uses this trend to great advantage. It includes lots of information, while at the same time maintaining a simple, easy-to-use look. This type of design gives the visitor access to large amounts of information instantly, eliminating the need to click on small links to navigate from page to page.

Long scroll narrates the entire website content to your visitors without them having to do much clicking. With the extreme popularity of Smartphones and tablets, designers are increasingly including this useful feature as a replacement for linking as a means to display content. In 2017 expect to see more novel scrolling features. Websites like Nasa Prospect are the torchbearers for this incredible aspect of web design trend that combines long-scrolling, story-telling, and parallax scrolling.

Storytelling design
Designers have adopted an entertaining way to engage viewers by using storytelling in order to deliver a satisfying user experience. Storytelling in web design makes use of various elements to tell the story of the brand through a combination of symbols, photographs, icons, typography, words, and videos. MoMA Century of the Child, has very interestingly presented its brand and story using storytelling web design.

Responsive web design
Responsive web design has actually become a mandated rule rather than a trend. It is a process of building a website which has the ability to adapt to any screen size – mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And mobile applications are steadily getting simpler and easier to use.

The increase in the popularity of collaborative/responsive website tools will ensure that mobile applications get much more exposure in unique, specific use, while at the same time serving as a platform for mass consumption. The combined total apps downloaded across all platforms is expected to reach an unbelievable 268 billion during 2017. This is going to require designers to focus on simplicity and become more prolific in their approach as they develop for mobile platforms. In future trends, for every task to be performed, look for a specific, specialized app to be developed.

In regard to building websites for mobile devices, the primary feature is to make them responsive – and fast. However, the catch lies in not just modifying your websites for mobile platforms, but for all devices. Placing critical information above the fold with larger fonts and simpler page designs would contribute towards making your site not just mobile-friendly, but mobile-focused.

Hidden menus
Many websites are hiding their main menus behind buttons, tabs, and icons. The hidden menus function as rollovers, only becoming visible when visitors move the curser over the icon or photo. This type of design is an excellent choice to ensure lack of boredom in your audience – if you include picturesque photos and icons which will fully justify the hidden menus. The Spotify website features all sorts of interesting navigational elements which overlap the current navigation options.

When considering imagery, originality will always be in trend and will always command more attention on your site. However, sheer volume and overuse of available imagery is shifting this trend towards custom-drawn elements.
Background videos covering the whole screen have been in vogue throughout 2016. And the next trend in 2107 would be to make them pragmatic. Consider grabbing the user’s attention by integrating navigable, call-to-action buttons, which don't distract from the content elements.

Cinemagraphs visuals, which are typically a still image with a few elements slightly moving, would work well toward this goal too. While they are better than videos when it comes to less consumption of bandwidth, they add an extra dose of mystique which would enhance the overall mood of the website. Combined with virtual reality visuals, it could blur the difference between real and artificial representation. In 2017, expect to see designs that use new tactics to evoke an emotional response through custom-built illustrations and photos.

No matter the size of your business, no matter the type of website design you envision, Denver Website Design can make your digital marketing vision for success a reality. From five pages to hundreds of pages, we have the experience to get your project done on time and at a reasonable price. Contact us to get started today at (303)498-9000.
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