2016 Denver Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

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November 18, 2015

With the holiday season nearly upon us it is time to start focusing on creating a successful marketing strategy for 2016. There are a number of trends that will provide companies with new ways to connect with customers and having a clear marketing plan is critical to achieve success. Below are five of the top Denver digital marketing trends to watch for in 2016.
Video Ads
Video ads are certainly nothing new. Video marketing has been a growing trend for marketers thanks to social channels like YouTube and video advertising platforms like Facebook. What is unique for 2016 is that Google will be allowing video-based advertising to show up in search results. Video advertising already has a reputation for being more engaging, so the opportunity to show up in search could be a real win for marketers.
Mobile Web
In 2015, mobile traffic officially surpasses desktop traffic in at least 10 major countries. In response to this trend, Google released an algorithm update that will phase out sites that are not mobile optimized. In fact, having a mobile-only site without any corresponding desktop version is perfectly acceptable according to Google. Which means if you are not already focusing on mobile, it’s time to start.
Wearable Technology
From Google Glass to the Apple watch, it’s clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us. In fact, wearable tech is expected to see a 28 percent adoption rate in 2016. This means marketing messages will have even more opportunities to be seen by consumers. It also means that marketers will have even more data derived from users’ everyday habits. This will allow marketing to become even more targeted and more easily based on location.
Relationship Marketing
It is estimated that 2 billion consumers worldwide will own a smartphone by 2016. One of the side effects of being connected to some kind of mobile device nearly 24/7 is that consumers are beginning to become numb to the mass-target marketing style. This is why it is important to develop an emotional connection with customers to develop brand loyalty rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach. The abundance of data available allows marketers to better determine the needs of their customers and provide them with targeted, personalized ads that are actually relevant to the viewer. These ads are a strong tactic for building a loyal customer base.
Social Search
Facebook has been testing a search engine on its platform for some time now. This all-inclusive social media search combined with the “buy” buttons and payment messaging expected in 2016 will allow consumers to find what they are looking for, make a purchase, and share that purchase on their profiles all from one integrated system. These capabilities are expected to exceed those of the current search engines and will make the buying process easier and more fun. And it is one more big reason brands should have an active presence on social media.
2016 is shaping up to be an exciting one for brands and those that take early advantage of these trends and put them to work will have a significant advantage on their competition. Denver Website Designs offers an array of professional services to help you take advantage of digital marketing opportunities. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.
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