Three Tips for Your Denver SEO Strategy

Developing a sound SEO strategy is a lot like sailing the seas of any ocean – navigating a vast landscape full of uneven waves, crests, dips, and countless unknowns beneath the surface. Some of these unknowns can hinder your journey, while others add speed. The only way to know which path is best is to explore and test as much as possible to gain the right bearings and maintain a steady, profitable course. We’ve listed three ways to keep you sailing tried and true.

The World is Going Mobile: 2015 marked the year mobile internet traffic passed desktop traffic. This is significant. The simple math means more people are using their smartphones and other mobile devices instead of their laptops or desktops. And, it isn’t by a small margin. This year, 60% of all internet time will be spent on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re automatically losing a considerable amount of new (and what would have been returning) customers. In terms of our boat and ocean analogy, think of your businesses mobile capabilities the way a ship needs all hands on deck in a storm. Making your site mobile-friendly isn’t the headache it was five, or even three year ago. Because the trends have been increasing with such speed, the technology caught up just as fast. If your site isn’t mobile you’re losing business and drifting off course. 

New and Engaging Content: The importance of content can never be overstated. Too many businesses are under the impression all they need is a website with a basic description and some contact info. This is like trying to traverse the ocean in a sailboat. You will be under equipped and swallowed by the sheer size of your environment. Content is what builds your ship up and keeps it moving forward. Without new content on a weekly basis, your site will lag behind in search engine results. Whoever has the most and best content will win the search results race. Without new and relevant content, you fall further and further out to sea; or, in Google’s case, to page ten of the search results, never to be seen.

Social Media is a Must: When you’ve brought your ship safely and deftly across the expanse, you’re going to need assistance when you get to port and start unloading your goods and services. There’s a reason the old adage is, getting the word out. The best and most reliable way to expanding your business is through word-of-mouth. Social Media is how your business reaches out past those searching for your goods or services, and engages an even wider customer base. It’s word-of-mouth on a massive scale. Facebook and Twitter are the two largest platforms right now, and they will do as much for expanding your base and increasing your search rankings as creating content and making sure you’re site is mobile-friendly. Making Facebook posts and Tweets a couple of times of week is easier and cheaper than paying for ad time or commercials, and can be just as effective.
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