Why Businesses Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

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By Bryn Abshire - September 18, 2015

Digital marketing is hard but well worth the effort. Effectively marketing your business on the internet requires just as much work and dedication as engaging in more traditional forms of advertising has in years past– if not more. Gone are the days when you could simply purchase an ad in the Yellow Pages and wait for the phone to start ringing. Yellow book ads are costly and outdated and your company’s time and resources are better spent on utilizing more current and cost-effective forms of advertising, like engaging in various forms of digital marketing. That being said, with the onslaught of information on the web and the barrage of emails we all receive in our inboxes daily, if your online content is not immediately meaningful and useful, no-one will bother to read it and Google will not find it relevant. And we all know that if Google doesn’t like your content, you are in trouble. The good news in all of this is that if done properly digital marketing is far more effective than traditional forms of advertising, and using a professional firm like Denver Website Designs will greatly improve your chances of success.
Online marketing – through content marketing and consistent customer engagement in particular – is a living and breathing aspect of your business that simply cannot remain static and untouched. Google’s indexing metrics consider not only the quality of the content provided, but also the regularity with which useful information is produced and disseminated to your audience. Creating and sharing quality content consistently over time creates the one-two punch that truly drives effective digital marketing.
When considering what makes up great online content it is important to think about what you personally find to be useful when you are searching for a product or service online– are you attracted to companies that only talk about themselves or that have generic and outdated content on their website? Probably not. You would be more likely to trust or hire a company whose website addresses relevant topics in their industry, and who communicates their expertise through quality articles and testimonials that show how they solve the kinds of problems you are looking to solve. Just as curb appeal works as an indicator of what the inside of a home might look like and how well it has been maintained over time, how your website looks and the perceived effort in its maintenance and quality of content tells a potential customer a lot about the quality of work and expertise they can expect from that company.  
The question therein lies: how much is a new customer worth to you? In order to create a lasting impact on your audience and to engage viewers long enough to form a meaningful relationship that converts them from browsers into buyers, you have to work at it! Even though online content can be shared immediately, doesn’t mean that it should be because not all online content is created equal. It is critical to take the same time and care with your digital marketing strategy as you have with more traditional forms of advertising. The time taken to brand yourself and create quality content prior to that click of the mouse is considerable and extremely important to the success of your business.
The task of coming up with meaningful articles, crafting newsletters and running campaigns on a regular basis can seem daunting to many business owners – you are entrenched in the day-to-day running of your business and simply don’t have the time to sit down and share your expertise. We get it and we are here to help. The professional online marketing services offered by Denver Website Designs will take the guess work out of your online marketing strategy - we will manage all aspects of your content marketing and digital marketing for you, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Our demonstrations are complimentary and we will tailor a strategy to meet your company’s specific needs, so give us a ring today. 
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