Content Marketing Is Important, And It's Here To Stay

By Bryn Abshire - April 28, 2015

Content marketing is right up there with responsive web design as one of the year’s biggest buzz-words in the web design and internet marketing world, and while you may have heard the term thrown around a lot, you may not have a great grasp on what exactly content marketing entails and why it is important. Content marketing is content with a purpose. We are bombarded daily with information from people trying to sell us “stuff”, but more often than not the information is irrelevant or useless.

Quality content and the creation of content as a marketing tool is not only critical for SEO and SEM success, but it is the primary driver of most in-bound marketing generation. What sets content marketing apart is the focus on providing relevant, educational and useful information about your product, service or industry rather than the me, me, me chatter of traditional advertising. The logic behind this is two-fold: by providing engaging and helpful content you establish yourself as an expert in your field, for which Google will reward you, and you become a credible source of information for your target audience, and they will in turn reward you with their business.

It is important to note that content marketing is not a once-off process. Sure, you need great web copy throughout your site initially, but it is also critical to continue to add fresh content on a regular basis. Think of your website as a living, breathing being that constantly needs to adapt to stay on the cutting edge. Your website should communicate your relevancy and knowledge on a consistent basis over a period of time, which further helps to build your credibility and reputation both with Google and your clientele.

So now that you know how important and how valuable content marketing really is, the next step is to create a content marketing strategy and start writing! We know that creating quality content can be a daunting task for busy businesses, and that is why Denver Website Designs offers content writing services as one of the professional services with your web design. Whether you need content for your whole site, or simply want us to blog, create newsletters or put together cases studies on your behalf, our professional team of writers and SEO specialists will craft SEO-friendly content that will drive traffic to your site.

The purposeful creation and placement of content on your website and social media outlets will engage your audience and drive more business your way, and we are here to help!
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