Want To Rank Higher On Google? Mobile Optimized Websites Are A Must

By Bryn Abshire - March 20, 2015

Google sets the standard for search engines, and in order to be successful on the internet small businesses have to follow Google’s program. The company has recently announced that effective April 21, 2015 it will expand whether or not a website is mobile-friendly as a ranking signal when it indexes the site. This most recent algorithm change will allow mobile-friendly websites to appear higher in mobile search results and therefore be easier to find and more likely to be visited causing “significant impacts” on search results.

If your business website is not mobile-friendly now is the time to act! The new software provided by Denver Website Designs offers a fully responsive platform that will give your business website a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of the Internet. Responsive design means that your website will intuitively adapt and scale to whatever device the site is being viewed on – mobile phone, tablet, desktop, IPad, etc. to make sure that your website can be easily viewed, and now also more easily found, regardless of location or device! Responsive design is critical to being successful on the internet and those who do not engage in responsive design risk significant damage to their business and SEO rankings.
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