The Importance of Great Web Copy - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

By Bryn Abshire - February 11, 2015

It used to be enough to “stuff” your website content with tons of keywords and phrases and even if thin, unsubstantial copy contained enough of these keywords you could boost your SEO rankings. Those days are gone – as Google and other search engines have become far more sophisticated in how they read and index content.

Not only does keyword stuffing no longer help with ranking, but Google will penalize your site for engaging in this practice. On the flip side, quality copy not only helps to boost your rankings, but will also help to decrease your bounce rate, because people who land on your site are finding exactly what they were looking for – and then they begin to engage in your site!

So the question remains, what exactly constitutes "good content"?
  • Make it original - no duped content! You can certainly pull inspiration from your favorite website, or talk about industry best practices, but make sure your content is unique to your website.
  • Make it informative and thoughtful. Google strives to return quality results that contain information that is the most useful and relevant to the search query. Establish yourself as an expert in your field and offer the kind of advice and information someone searching for your product or service would find helpful. Think like the consumer, not like the seller!
  • Make sure your content is grammatically correct and that your sentence structure flows logically. It is still important to include keywords in your content, but it must be written logically and read intuitively.
It is clear that the benefits of taking the time to write quality copy for your website are numerous, and that having a great looking website is meaningless if it contains poor copy. We can help take your expertise in your field and incorporate it into a website that is attractive in design, and has depth in information. Call our Denver web design company today at (303).498.9000
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