Manage Work Flow, Lead Routing & Follow-Up Through Your Website

By Bryn Abshire - January 30, 2015

Your website could, and should, be a mechanism through which you receive leads and ultimately land business to help grow your bottom line. The “hottest” leads are those that directly contact your business and are seeking out the product/service you provide. Too often website leads are captured ineffectively -- potential clients’ names and phone numbers are scribbled down on a sticky note, left on someone’s desk or misplaced in the daily shuffle and then lost forever. Don’t let these guys fall through the cracks!

Intelligent lead routing and form creation by Denver Website Designs helps to ensure that those people who visit your website have every opportunity to submit an inquiry about their specific request, and the software built into the site ensures that the inquiry makes it quickly to the right person for follow up.

The new software developed by Denver Website Designs offers a SalesForce-esque CRM solution that can be used to manage both leads as well as on-going client projects and communication:
  • Increase productivity and response time by responding to leads, and clients, faster with custom-designed canned emails.
  • Share your work with your colleagues and make sure everyone is on the same page by easily updating notes and creating statuses.
  • Better manage your team’s work flow by assigning tasks from one “lead owner” to another – whether it be following up with a potential lead, or completing a specific project for an existing client.
Effective websites are so much more than just a digital brochure designed purely for informational purposes. Denver Website Designs offers a responsive platform where your web design, internet marketing, lead tracking, work flow management and much more are put to work for you, all in one place. Leave no client or lead behind -- give us a call to see how our system works and what we can do to improve your business's competitive edge – you won’t be disappointed.
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