Denver Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

February 27, 2020

Advertising and providing information to clients or prospective customers for small businesses can be an extremely daunting task. Especially when first starting out, the focus often remains on a bottom line and getting businesses up and running while understanding there is a need for marketing and advertising to help drive sales. Not only are these individuals faced with organizing and creating relevant content for their consumers but they are also often competing against larger corporations with much more funding and experience in executing such plans. The key is being able to tap into the specific market where you can balance the cost of marketing and advertising with a profitable return. Fortunately, there are new metrics available which can monitor such progress and display, in turn, the benefit from providing available and relevant content to customers everywhere - but most importantly, via the internet. 

This has been a major shift in focus from past methods of execution. Previously, those who were advertising had to reach out and find their clients. Put up ads and displays in hopes that they could saturate the market so enough customers would find their services and become loyal customers over time. This has shifted to a world where consumers are able to find the services they need at essentially the push of a button, creating a world where owners can reap the benefits of online advertising and relevant content. However, it remains important that businesses utilize their advertising campaigns efficiently in order to ensure that when a potential client is searching for related ideas, their business is where they land.

By creating targeted marketing strategies and being able to focus on specific clientele, small businesses are able to compete. Luckily, there are multiple relatively inexpensive means for businesses to expand their current reach.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an option for businesses where they pay companies in order to appear first in the line of results from potential clients. A consumer has a need or want, sits down at the computer and types their wish into a general search. The corresponding results are computed using a plethora of algorithms but businesses can pay to increase the perceived relevance of their services.

This can also be accomplished through gearing a small business website toward potential search results with relevant SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By adding data, figures, and content to a website, the propensity for consumers to find your specific business is raised considerably as they search for what you are selling or the service provided.

Both can be important components of a successful marketing strategy for businesses.

Local Review Marketing

The benefits of customer reviews are plentiful. Not only can these additions help to improve the SEO of your site but they also offer effective “word of mouth” advertising. Before the internet, people relied on recommendations for goods and services from reliable sources in order to find where people would spend their money or seek help. One person would tell another about a quality job that was completed and that person would seek a similar experience. Once finished, they too would share with someone else and the cycle continued until a solid reputation had been built about the company at hand.

Online reviews allow individuals to share similar experiences and help to “spread the word” on interactions with your business to everyone who is interested. Even negative reviews can be helpful when corrections are made or a commitment to addressing these actions is shown and available on the site. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is another key aspect that has risen considerably in popularity in recent years. While the benefits from this type of marketing allows advertisers to generate content for those who subscribe to their specific channels - creating relevant content can help to engage one's audience and build a substantial base.

The idea is to not only provide entertaining material but also generate these interactions into sales and opportunities for commerce. Targeting specific audiences and perhaps subscribing clients to follow all available forms of social media during a sale can help to build a base that not only helps to spread the word about your business offerings but creates repeat and new clients over time. 

Email Marketing

Despite the rise in social media, text exchanges, and an ability to communicate almost instantly with either individuals or groups of people, there remains a marketing strategy for email. Communication is key and while social media can be an important component to the overall marketing strategy of your business, there remain some tried and true methods available.

Email communications are a great way to update clientele about specific events, potential sales, or other general occurrences within your business. In addition, well timed correspondence can drive growth and make an economic impact on your bottom line. While you don’t want to overload customers inboxes with spam, a notification every now and then about a particular service discount or item can lead to rising sales for your business that may not have otherwise been available.

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