SEO Strategy For 2015

By Bryn Abshire - January 11, 2015

Every new year usually comes with a slew of resolutions on how we intend to be better, healthier and more efficient than the year before, and this should be no different for your business website! The web is a constantly evolving and changing entity, and it is important to regularly take a look at your SEO strategy to help make sure your website is working for you as best as possible. Here are some simple tips and tricks to improve on your current SEO strategy:

1) Conduct Up-to-date Keyword Research & Optimize Your Content: Internet and industry trends change over time. If there are certain areas of your business you would like to draw more attention to, or a new industry trend that you plan to incorporate into your business model, consider including a new page with relevant content that features this product or service.  

2) Make Use Of Google Webmaster Tools To Track Your Success
: Google Analytics is a great way to monitor the search traffic that your website experiences, all the way down to specific page traffic and hits, so you can see how people find you on the web and what draws them in to   your site. If you find that certain pages are not garnering the kind of traffic that you would like, circle back to #1 and work on improving the content and specific key words on the page to optimize page traffic. Even for your tried and true products or services, the way people search for items on the web changes over time, so it is important to know where you rank and to monitor changes over time so you can course correct when you need to.

3) Stay Current - Blog!: Show that you are an industry leader and an authority in your field by blogging and talking about industry trends, work you have completed and by offering advice to your clientele. The more valuable your content is perceived to be, the more relevant Google (and other search engines) will find your website. The era of "content is king" has not passed, and blogging is the very best way to contribute fresh, new, useful content to your website and social media sites.

The web professionals at Denver Website Designs can assist with all aspects of your web design and SEO strategy, from the initial build process to on-going improvements. We will conduct key word research for your business and advise on the best search terms that will help drive more traffic to your site. We also set up Google Analytics for each of our clients so that you can monitor your search traffic. Additionally, we offer a world-class Blogging tool that allows you to quickly and easily push new content directly to your website as well as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all with a single click! Let us help you make the most of your business website and build your organic SEO rankings today to make 2015 your best year yet!
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