Blogs Deliver Denver Digital Marketing Strategy

June 27, 2018

Business information powerhouse, Forbes magazine, calls blogging “one of the true workhorse of the online marketing world.” The business benefits of blogging have been discussed ad nauseum, but for there are many business owners yet who still haven’t jumped on the blogging bandwagon. In this article, you’ll learn of some not-so-well-known benefits of blogging as your Denver digital marketing strategy. (Link:

  1. Content Engages People. It doesn’t matter what your business is, if you post valuable, informational content in a manner that engages readers, you’ll eventually draw a loyal following. That doesn’t mean weekly rants about religion, politics, or the poor hygiene of toddlers. That does mean organizing a strategy for releasing fresh content that people can use on a regular basis. Don’t copy other people’s work; that’s just bad form.
  2. Reach Targeted Customers. Unless your customer base is composed of cave dwelling hermits, it’s a good bet they’re connected and active on social media. Your business needs to have an online presence to draw customers because your website is the first place they’ll look to check out your products and services. Target your message to the cohort you want to attract and you’ll eventually get their attention. Then keep posting good content to keep their attention.
  3. Build Authority. Boomers and GenX were raised to respect and obey authority figures. Millennials question authority, but slavishly follow popular trends which become their authority. With a reputation for solid information and good writing, you can build that credibility which makes your business a leader in its niche.
  4. Build Community. The internet age and a 2-generation tradition of dual income households have replaced neighborhood communities with digital communities. Authors have online book tours. Musicians sell their tunes online. Commentators grow their audiences through social media. We share those videos, articles, and images that take our fancy with a growing network of “friends” whom we’ve never met or shared coffee with or spoken to. We have joined a virtual community of likeminded individuals who share similar beliefs, political views, social opinions, and so forth. Your goal is to get your content included in that spiraling cycle of sharing. Also, blogs with skillfully inserted keywords can help narrow search engine targets so that your company displays in local search results, which is helpful if your main clientele is more regional than global.
Blogging goes beyond advertising and plugged-in, savvy consumers know that. While that potential customer has learned to ignore and block those annoying pop-up advertisements and promotional email campaigns, they’ll gladly follow a link to learn something new, to support a point in a debate, or to learn how to do something.
Blogging enables you to connect on an intellectual level and on an emotional level through use of reason, humor, irony, and empathy. Look at the tremendous success of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

According to
Humane Watch, HSUS rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, but operates not one single animal shelter and contributes less than 1 percent of its revenue to animals shelters. Yet it’s the most recognized animal rights organization in the country if only because of their absolutely masterful use of digital communication that engages emotion. (Link:

As part of your business’ marketing strategy, include a blog if you haven’t yet done so. Denver Website Designs understands why your business needs a regular blog and how to generate relevant content so that you can be proud of what goes on your website. Call them at (303) 498-9000 to discuss your digital marketing needs. (Link:
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