Customer Engagement Options

In the competitive world of online marketing, being able to set your brand and/or product(s) apart from other businessesses is critical for success. As marketers routinely are in competition for the eyes of potential customers, being able to find the best fit for any campaign is extremely important. This focused approach not only helps set your business apart from the others, but it also allows for brand recognition as more and more customers begin sharing information on the quality goods and services being offered. This evolution of sales doesn’t necessarily follow a single path, but must be developed and maintained through many instances of trial and error.

Customer engagement is the secret weapon to beating competitors and finding opportunities for their interaction only aids in cultivating success. For today’s digital marketing teams there are an abundance of engagement tools which can be found in four key categories - feedback opportunities, website analytics, direct communication, and email. These different options cover a variety of available tools helping enhance customer engagement opportunities across any platform.

Feedback Opportunities

Utilizing customer surveys and other chances to provide feedback allows owners an opportunity to see how the customer feels about certain aspects of their business. These can come following a purchase, during a visit, or after any other interaction in which representatives or a marketing tool have had direct interaction with any potential customers.

Website Analytics

The abundance of website tools, numbers, and analytics available today far exceeds any other point in history. By utilizing these aspects and making positive changes accordingly, many small businesses are able to compete with other “big box” retailers due to their ability to navigate this ever evolving online matrix. Finding the right combination of tools to enhance customer engagement and increase sales is seen as a plus for any company.

App Communications

A majority of individuals now have phones with in-app capabilities and creating one for your business offers another useful customer engagement tool. Not only will you be closer than ever before to potential customers, but push notifications and similar electronic features give you direct access to them in order to promote certain deals, specials, or share other pertinent information.


In-app capabilities, such as those push notifications, are an evolution of the email concept. Before, businessesses would spend countless amounts of money on print ads and “snail” mail to reach potential customers. Email changed the game by allowing instant and direct communication to people with a much smaller price tag. Technology is continually advancing, but there are still plenty of key factors associated with quality customer engagement through email services.

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