Five Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

As the calendar prepares to flip into a new year, digital marketing is expected to continue on its upward trajectory for businesses across the country. Technology evolves on a daily basis and those responsible for the online presence of any company need to adapt for their continued push of quality products. These changes typically occur quickly and with many businesses operating on a calendar year with their budget, it offers a perfect opportunity for reviewing other important factors.

Digital marketing is important for business owners due to a variety of different reasons. Trends are always changing and being able to keep up in this area definitely has an impact on the bottom line of any business. As the new year approaches, being able to adjust for what’s expected to take place will keep sales moving forward today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

Data Availability

The same technological advances which allowed for an expansion of reach in digital marketing also now give owners an ability to track just how their efforts are working. With new and more focused data available, businesses can specifically target those who are likely to want/need whatever goods/services are being presented. In addition, available metrics can also track how successful each strategy is and which efforts should be repeated for the best possible returns.

Social Media Outreach

An online website typically serves as the landing spot for potential customers but a continued advancement of social media serves as a major outreach for marketing. By making initial contacts through social channels and filtering people onto your website, companies can target interested individuals hoping to turn their visits into sales.

AI Support

The AI boom will continue into the new year, but it likely won’t serve as a replacement to human generated content in the digital realm. While users may seek support from these advanced efforts, original information and other human generated material should continue as the main focus next year.

Video Surge Continues

Creating short, informative videos continues to catch the eyes of users online and throughout social media. This evolution from simple text, to photos, and now videos is likely to continue and those responsible for digital marketing campaigns need to follow suit. Helpful and entertaining clips can drive sales while also providing customers important information about the product, goods, and/or services from any business.

Market Size and Focus

The same advances in technology which are driving these new trends for digital marketing also allow for a deeper pool of clientele as businesses create their campaigns in the new year. In addition, companies will spend smarter with accurate data allowing them to specifically target those who may benefit most from their offerings. Instead of having to spend considerable amounts of money to create ads in a space which will catch the most eyes and ears, businesses can place their campaigns creatively where interested patrons see and interact with it the most.

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