Denver Website Designs: Key Analytics For Success

Having a website for your business is common practice in today’s world. Not only are many customers acquired online, but websites serve as a homebase for the online presence of your company. Social media content remains an important concept as well, generating buzz around your products and services while helping drive consumers to your website. These opportunities not only present potential customers a chance to interact with your business, but it can also provide a wealth of information for those who may be interested in making a purchase. 

There are approximately 2 billion websites online and while a majority of them are inactive, being able to make yours stand out among the others takes a lot of work. For business owners, getting your goods and services in front of potential customers, instead of them finding the competition, can be critical for success. Fortunately, advances in technology and analytics research have revealed key characteristics to help boost online returns.

Click Rate

Getting a link to your company’s website in front of customers is only part of the process as they must then click to visit. By analyzing click rate, the number of times someone clicks to enter versus how many individuals had an opportunity, business owners can see if they’re turning paid ads into results. In addition, if no paid advertising has been used, then this data point could indicate how much traffic is being generated through other factors.

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a controversial measurement but one which can reveal potential success when analyzed among other features. Ultimately, this measurement displays how many people exit your site after one page instead of initiating any further interactions. While it may reveal a need for improvement in some areas, it could also be a positive measure in that consumers are finding what they are looking for without much hassle.

Pages Per Session

Another key component to determine website success are the pages-per-session (PPS) visitors are accumulating while online. By offering a wealth of content and features, business owners can keep customers interacting with their site for longer periods, which generally helps boost business.


Turning visitors into customers is the goal for all businesses and conversion counts help to reveal these features. By measuring the number of conversions versus visitors, it can help display trends in website performance.


Another critical component for websites is their use of keywords to drive search results and keep rank among similar entities. While the algorithms for success are constantly changing, using keywords is a general building block for the success of many online businesses.

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