Denver Digital Marketing Business Benefits

By Erika Bynon - November 25, 2019

In any public space - the shopping mall, at the movies, in a restaurant, or anywhere else if you take a moment to look around there’s a high probability that you spot someone looking at their phone. Relied upon heavily these days for everything from to-do lists to email and news, the impact social media and the digital age has had on the day-to-day operations of life in general are astounding. Screens are seemingly everywhere, in your pocket, in the store, on gas pumps, on planes, and their worth in addition to the content provided on these devices is only increasing.

Similar to how magazine and newspaper ads gave way to television commercials, the ability to drive marketing campaigns in the digital age is revolutionizing the way individuals do business. At the forefront of this revolution is digital marketing and in a relatively short time frame, compared to preceding outlets and opportunities, the ability of this medium to impact businesses is staggering. No matter your business type or trade, digital means of advertising and driving patrons to your outlet can be achieved through this best form of promotional material available on any outlet. While a recent shift from a singular mindset of informative product disbursement to selling an experience has created the “buying a better version of yourself” mindset, the key assets of digital marketing remain constant.

Following are five key benefits of digital marketing and why it can greatly impact your business.


Whether you are just starting a new business or have been in operation for some time, understanding the importance of a solid bottom line is critical. Obviously, this measure will make or break your venture so while advertising is also important, getting the most bang for your buck is key. It is here where digital marketing possesses a huge advantage over alternate advertising methods.

Not only are the returns well worth the cost of investment but there are other factors related to this medium which when combined with the price make selecting this method an obvious choice. 

Target Audience

Reaching large amounts of people with your advertising can be helpful but getting the word out to targeted individuals is even more important.  The effectiveness of advertising to your target audience will take your business to the next level. Not only are you now putting information in the hands of numerous individuals but these people are the ones who care about what you are doing. This minor detail can make all the difference in how the results of an advertising campaign are received.

For example, if you own a local gym getting news of special rates, exercise classes, and important concepts in fitness out to the community would be great. Not only can digital marketing help you achieve this goal but it can also target newcomers into the area and others who may be temporarily located in the vicinity simply looking for a place to work out while in town. These potential clients are all your target audience at which advertising can be specifically aimed leading to better results.


When electing to utilize other methods of advertising (i.e. print, radio, signs, billboards, etc.) specific gains from advertising may not be noticeable for quite some time. Unless you question each client about where and when they learned about your business, the impact these concepts have is often minimal. 

Opposite, digital media offers immediate feedback in terms of interactions and how many times people have viewed a specific ad. In addition, certain links and other mechanisms can be added and traced to show just how people are learning about your business site and other factors. Having the ability to not only trace this information but judge how each outlet is working can be critical to your success and is definitely something not offered with any other option.


Similarly, if an advertising method isn’t receiving the desired results, a quick and efficient change can be easily administered. Unlike other advertising media, which has only the capability to be removed but not adapted, digital advertising can be molded to create the desired results over time. By measuring the analytics and comparing it to other sources, advertisers can ensure they are creating the most interactive content available for potential consumers while managing their campaign in real time.

Early Impact

An increasing trend is expected to carry well into the future as online sales are expected to outpace brick and mortar stores this holiday season. Not only is this indicative of how things are trending in the world of commerce but it also provides a glimpse about how individuals are finding the things which they need. Instead of going out shopping, consumers more often than not elect to begin their research for items and services online. Searching for products or other information, going online starts the act and it is here where having a digital marketing campaign commonly influences buyers.

Having your company, products, or services represented and available is important. If you can be the first to provide what someone is in search of then the likelihood of completing a sale or creating a new customer increases significantly. This not only makes the advertising space an important concept but speaks to the overall effectiveness of a well executed digital marketing campaign.

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