Why Mobile-Responsive Websites Are Important

November 4, 2022

The invention and wide acceptance of smartphones and internet-enabled tablets revolutionized the internet, and the way users browse websites. Rather than spending hours on the computer each day, people turn to their phones to search for businesses, make purchases online, and even stream entertainment. 

With such a heavy reliance on mobile devices, creating websites that load seamlessly and provide the same great experience regardless of platform is essential. 

This type of web design is a great way to expand your reach and target your ideal consumer more effectively. But why is it so important? Here’s what you need to know.

Google Likes Mobile-Responsive Design
Believe it or not, Google can tell the difference between a website optimized for desktop or computer view and one optimized for both computers and mobile devices. Why does this matter? Because Google rewards websites with good user experience. 

By making your website viewable on both desktop and mobile platforms, you’ll boost your chances that Google will take notice and get your site in front of more people searching for businesses like yours. The more people viewing your site, the more likely it is that you’ll see an increase in purchases or contact leads.

Keep in mind that simply optimizing your site for different platforms isn’t enough to replace all of your other SEO efforts. You’ll still need to create high-quality content that provides value to your target customer and use keywords to drive traffic to your site. 

It Increases Engagement From Customers
If you’re like most people, you click on links your friends, family, and even other business owners share with you several times a day. If the site you click on doesn’t load right or looks strange on your phone, how likely are you to continue viewing different pages? Not very.

By making your site adaptable and viewable on both desktop and mobile devices, you’ll increase engagement from your customers. Rather than clicking away out of frustration, they’ll read through the page and will be more likely to view other pages on your website.

That increased engagement makes it easier for them to share your website with others and makes it more likely that they’ll return to your business over your competitors. 

Responsive Sites Improve User Experience For Each Visit
When you’re trying to attract new or prospective customers and clients, your website can be your best resource. When it’s optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, users will naturally have a better experience every time they visit your site whether they’re using their smartphone or surfing the web on a laptop. 

They won’t have to deal with the frustration of slow load times or improper formatting that makes reading about your company difficult if not impossible. 

The better the user experience is, the more confidence people will have in your brand. It shows that you care enough to invest in a quality website so you’ll likely care enough to provide customers with quality services and products.

It’s Affordable
Maintaining two distinct websites—one for mobile devices and one for computers—is possible. However, it can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming. 

You’ll have to pay someone to design both pages, create content for both sites, pay for hosting for two sites, and manage different campaigns for each version of your website. Over time, that can significantly increase your costs.

By investing in a mobile-responsive website from the beginning, you’ll save money. Instead of managing multiple websites, you’ll only have to manage one. Everything that’s viewable on the desktop version will carry over to the mobile version automatically, saving you money each month.

Customers Will Be More Likely to Purchase From You
Since more people are relying on mobile devices to surf the web, tailoring your site to suit their needs can end up increasing the number of conversions, sales, and contact leads you get. The easier it is for people to use your website from their preferred device and the easier it is for them to make purchases, the more likely they’ll be to do so. 

With a mobile-friendly site in place, you’ll show customers that you value their support and are willing to do what you can to simplify the process. This can inspire more confidence in your brand and encourage customers to spend their money with you rather than with your competitors.

It Reduces the Risk of Duplicate Content
Duplicate content happens when the same or similar content appears on more than one page or more than one URL. When you’re maintaining a desktop and a mobile version of your website on two URLs, there’s a very real chance that the content will be similar if not identical. 

Unfortunately, search engines often penalize sites for having duplicate content. It looks like plagiarism and, to the search engine, makes your site look less credible and professional. Once your site is penalized, you may have a harder time ranking for your target keywords or showing up in search results.

By investing in mobile-responsive website design, you’ll reduce this risk. Instead of having two URLs with similar content, you’ll only have one. 

You’ll Set Yourself Up for Future Success
Mobile device use is only increasing. In fact, many people are ditching their laptops and computers for tablets and phones. 

If your website only works with computers, you’ll find it harder to get your business in front of prospective customers both now and in the future. Investing in mobile-responsive design now means your site will stay relevant and you’ll be able to keep your company visible to your target customer base online more easily, even as trends change. 

Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly
Having a mobile-responsive website is an absolute must and, as more people start accessing the internet from mobile devices, the more essential it becomes. If your website is currently set up to only work on computers, you’re missing out on tons of traffic and could end up sending prospective customers to your competitors. 

Don’t let your website’s performance fall by the wayside. Schedule a consultation with Denver Website Designs and let our team assess your site’s performance today. 

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