Denver Website Designs: Social Media Outlets For Small Business

Owning a small business can be an amazing experience but establishing a client base and building a recognized brand can be especially difficult. Fortunately, there have been plenty of technological advances which aid in leveling the playing field for individuals attempting to establish their company. One method in particular which has provided small businesses the chance to compete with large corporations is social media. These opportunities for establishing connections and advertising have fueled plenty of new businesses in the past few years.

The number of social media users continues to climb as over half of the world’s population is a member of some platform. With so many people online, being able to target ads and reach a key demographic for your business can truly help establish a core foundation for your company while building up a customer base. Depending on the type of business you own, understanding which social media platform will best assist your company and help reach its goals is especially important.


As one of largest and most established platforms available, Facebook provides a broad reach for any business. With users in a variety of different age ranges, the ability to target your specific customer base is likely to be achieved. In addition, Facebook allows for multiple media opportunities and has specific algorithms available to help boost your business performance across its platform.


Initially an opportunity to share photos with short captions, Instagram has grown into another social media behemoth with close ties to Facebook. The availability of stories and link opportunities within this application can help share short videos while providing opportunities for customers to directly interact with what they are seeing.


If your business thrives due to a younger demographic, then utilizing the available business settings on TikTok may help boost your bottom line. With videos and interaction capabilities, the opportunity for viral impacts are more readily available here than on other platforms and even a single instance can drive your business into the future.


Businesses in the design and food categories may get their best results from Pinterest. This platform allows users to “pin” concepts and ideas in which they are interested. In addition, these highlighted topics may also be shared with other users. As a business owner, seeing which concepts and products are working while having these shared and progress through positive customer feedback can be especially beneficial.


The reputation of Twitter may be a bit more controversial, but this platform continues to offer a great tool for businesses to interact with their customer base. Not only is this one of the most user friendly options, but direct communication between customers and the company is possible for all the world to witness. If done correctly, this can really help build your brand and provide a positive experience for customers and clients.

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