Social Media Trends for Small Business

Technological advances over the past few decades have dramatically changed the way business is conducted across the country. Not only is information now readily available at the push of a button, but social media has dramatically leveled the playing field for small businesses. Instead of needing an enormous marketing budget to reach thousands of potential clients or customers, a well executed campaign has the potential to put any business on the map overnight. However, these results aren’t typically associated with being lucky, but by executing a plan in order to grow the business.

Social media for small businesses may differ from big brands, but the end result is an ability to compete with these corporations for the patronage of individuals everywhere. By executing on current trends, owners and marketing divisions can ensure their ads remain on target while also generating a favorable return on these investments. New available analytics also allow tracking of what techniques are working and which should be retired as time passes.

Influencer Impact

The days of needing to be on the big screen to achieve fame are gone as social media has ushered in an era of small sized recognition. Different apps and websites led to a rise in everyday people earning a following and having one of these individuals promote your brand can be more impactful than even the best televised commercial. In addition, social media has made making contact with celebrities and their support of a particular product even easier.


Despite its relatively young age, social media itself has seen a transformation from script postings to short videos. Not only can these interactions provide an actual explanation or example of the product, but videos are also more engaging than text only posts.

Customer Service

Many businesses, including corporations, have turned to social media in order to execute customer service concerns. Not only do these examples provide individuals with real time reviews of a business, but they are also helpful in rectifying certain situations and providing a public record of the assistance.

Targeted Audience / Communities

Social media posts also allow small businesses to target a specific audience. Anyone following your accounts likely has a legitimate reason to become engaged and this can pay dividends in the long run. Many platforms also allow individuals to monitor activity while making the best possible projections for the future.  


Price can be another deciding factor when choosing a campaign. Dedicated social media applications are likely to be much less expensive than the projected outcome of other media highlights through print and commercial applications.

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